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I have plenty of feather boas for sale in different colors. Feather boas in solid colors, two tone feather boas, and feather boas with tinsel or lurex. All my feather boas are 6', 50-55 grams, fluffy turkey feathers, $180.00 inc. domestic shipping for a case of 48 boas, assorted or all one color.. The same kind sold in the shops in New Orleans. I don't get any complaints.

I have Voodoo dolls in stock for sale. We stock and carry many types of Voodoo dolls. I sell quantity Voodoo dolls for conventions, parties and groups. I have for sale real handmade Voodoo dolls made and blessed by practitioners. We are selling magnet Voodoo dolls, large Voodoo dolls, expensive Voodoo dolls, cheap Voodoo dolls, and special order Voodoo dolls. When you search for Voodoo dolls, you don't want a lecture or explanation about Voodoo dolls. You want to BUY Voodoo dolls. That's why we are here. We try to serve your Voodoo doll needs and not waste your time.

Look below for New Orleans information, feather boas, voodoo dolls and Mardi Gras beads.

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For questions about the Wizard see,  about the Wizard,
or for more information on products and services including different types and styles of feather boas and Voodoo dolls, e-mail: Wizard@nolawizard.com
or call: 336-682-5131.

The Wizard,
Biloxi, Ms.

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